In this section we will be seeing a few Paid to Click sites that are considered as legit and paying. They have been there for years now and they intend to stay and serve members.

You can check on them on the money forums to see how much they have paid so far, number of members and comments from people around the world.

We will eventually add other sites once we make sure they pay and are profitable.

Note that if are just beggining, never invest money until you make sure you are getting paid, keep in mind that this is a long term work, which means don't expect to make a lot of money in your first days, and most importantly try not to abandon in your first days. 

An other alterntive is to sign up on the Low minimum paying sites. As they pay small amounts at a time, you can accumulate that money in a wallet, then invest it in a better site to rent refferals or upgrade your account.PS: To earn from your RR you need to watch at least 4 ads everyday.

1. Neobux: also called the PTC king, it is the only Get-Paid-To Service you'll ever need. It's been online since 2008 and continues paying users in time. It offers ads, surveys, small games and coins offers as sources of income. Payments are processed via Paypal, neteller, airtm, skrill and bank transfer.

2. Cliquebook

I put this as number one, but I had to start with a site. It means the order doesn't matter. But, in my opinion it is the most profitable. RR have a good average and they click everyday. You earn up to 0.02$ from your clicks, up to 0.01$ from evey RR and the minimum payout is 2$. Besides there are many other ways to earn Apart from watching ads, you can take surveys, watch special ads and play the grid. Doin this, you could make it up to 5$/day

3. Cliquesteria

Same admin and working system of Cliquebook. Sign up and do the same as the first one.

4. Twickerz

Online since 2011, the siteaid over $711,018.51 to members.  The site has a unique RR system, multiple ways to earn and many contests every mounth.  The daily earnings are up to 0.02$ and 0.02$ from referrals. You can refer as many people as you could and maximize your earnings.Payout is 2$.

5. Wad.ojoo

Sering people worldwide for many years, besides being a PTC site, wadojoo offers an affiliate marketing opportunity for his members.Easy to use, more than 15 ads a day, multiple offers, surveys and unlimited referrals are the tools you get to earn real money with ojoo 

6. Gtptc

As the admin says, Members Just need to Click Ads Placed by Advertisers and earn more by buying RR, getting Referrals.

This is the only site where referrals are rented fo a number of clicks, not a mounth. This means that if a RR doesn't click a day, that day is not taken into consideration. It is a stable and paying site that has been online since 2015

7. Goldenclix

Along with its sister of Silverclix, they are ones of the most used PTC sites in the world. No minimum payout, as soon as you get the cashout points needed you can make  withdrawal request. It takes up to 72 hours to be proceeded. Earnings are up to 0.01$/day from your and your RR clicks. The site has the same referring system as any other one

So, if you begin in PTC industry, I suggest you register with the ones above since they have been paying for years and are very profitable. But here is a list of other trusted sites for the ones who want to go further:

  • My Traffic Value sites: PaidVerts, PTCshare, big sites with a different style. You earn bonus ad points (BAPs) which decide the ads value you receive everyday. The higher BAPs you have the higher your income gets. Plus, you have access to many daily tasks to easily reach 10$ a day.
  • Clixblue,AdzbazarAdzseven: same admin, up to 0.01$ per click and referral click, low payouts, high average referrals, multiple ways to earn.
  • Indexclixup to 0.03$ per click and 0.02 per referral click, affordable upgrades, good average referrals, ads, easy tasks and many other ways to make money.

Very low minimum payout sites:

The first have been serving people for many years and they are not near ready to disappear. The third is not that old but it is quickly ranked as legit in money making forums. Cashouts start at 0.05$, a good opportunity to make a quick small budget in order to invest in an upgrade or renting referrals in your favorite program.