Internet has become more than a source of information and entertainment. In fact, more and more people are using it as a source of income. The easiest and most common methods to do so are the paid to click sites, shortly the PTC and the free crypto websites, such as faucets and BTC PTCs . Anyone can make money by watching ads, doing some offers, etc.
But, these websites aren't going to make you rich, but they could ensure you a decent income, especially in third world Countries.

In order to make money from these sites,  all you need is a computer, phone or tablet, internet connexion, a strategy and patience (we're talking about weeks) beacause it takes long to show results, that's why many people abandon quickly.



As said before, you need some time and efforts, because you'll be making about 0.02$/day by just watching advertisements (almost nothing), unless you do the offers and take a few surveys.
Then what is the solution?
It's actually easy. All you got to do is:

  • Keep clicking for a few days. Now you have enough money to rent 5 referrals for 1 month. Each Rented Referral (RR) gets you about 50% of your clicks;
  • After 7 days you would have enough for another 5 RR;
  • Now your daily earnings are getting better. Keep doing this until you get 100 RR;
  • Finally upgrade your account to earn more and to be able to rent many active RR.

Stick to this strategy for about 3-4 months and see by yourself that you are earning some decent money.

P.S: Don't forget to renew your RR so you don't lose them and recycle any inactive or below average RR.

The second method is a little bit hard but worth the effort. It consists on promoting your link to get Direct Referrals. These cost nothing and keep generating income as long as they stay active.


To make money from PTC sites with direct referrals, you will have to get sign ups under you using your link found in promotion tools .

The best ways to do so is to create accounts in free real traffic platforms such as manual traffic exchangers, or advertise in other websites. 

I wouldn't say it is easy to get sign ups but it costs nothing.

This is not a Traffic Exchanger. It is an advertising and money making platform. After signing up, you may join easy 2 minutes offers in exchange of money or advertising credits. You can cashout your money and use your credit to show your referral links to thousands of real people.

It is strongly recommended if you want to build a solid downline.

Considered as number one Traffic Exchanger. It lets you drive real and unique traffic to your links for free. Plus, it offers a daily cash bonus for your clicks. You can actually make 10-100$ a day for only surfing and referring people.

Easyhits4u is a mannual traffic exchange site, meaning you get real people to see your links. It had a solid base exceeding 1.5 Million users and delivers hundreds of thousands of visits a day. After signing up, you add your links and start viewing others' page to earn credits for yours.

This one is very interesting. No sessions, no active surfing and no needed investment at all. The only thing to do is install their extension, add your link and sit back. Plus it pays you for watching ads and the cashout treshold is as low as 0.03$.


Now you are all set to start making money online and generate some free and stable income. If you are not already a member of any PTC site or money making program, I suggest you try a few ones from the legit and paying sites in the next page and see by yourself before you decide to continue or not. 

Besides, if you are cryptocurrency amateur, I added a few places where you can make your fist virtual currencies.